Items & Weapons

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Weapons and Items are divided into a few ranks in the Dual Sword God Universe, while higher grade tools are categorized as Artifacts, reaching a low beyond the standard classifications of tools.

The ranks for each are listed below:

Weapons: Mortal - Earth - Heaven - Mystical - Supreme - ????

Weapons of each grade has a special use starting from the Heaven Grade, more details are yet to be uncovered.

Essence Stones: - low-grade, middle-grade, upper-grade, top-grade, and lastly, ultra-grade.

These are the currency of the True Yuan World, energy stones like crystals that formed by the essence of heaven and earth, they can also be used to speed up one's cultivation based on the grade used by X times.

They are converted as follows:

One middle-grade essence stone - 10 low-grade essence stones.

One upper-grade essence stone - 100 middle-grade essence stones.

One top-grade essence stone - 1000 upper-grade essence stones.

One ultra-grade essence stone - 10000 top-grade essence stones.

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