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The Feng Clan / Ancestral Phoenix Clan, is a powerful Supreme Bloodline Clan that hailed from the True Yuan World's Scared Domain. They are born from bloodline of a powerful Ancestral Phoenix that once mated with a human, granting them the powers of a supreme. While not the same like most other Supreme Bloodline Clans, for the Feng Clan, in each generation, only one person from the clan can awaken their bloodline and once they do, they become the True Bloodline Successor who as akin to the leading the bloodline. Through them, all other clansman will be able to inspire their bloodlines and awaken beyond their limits, the stronger the True Bloodline Successor becomes, the stronger the potential the clansmen will be able to unlock, even their innate bloodline abilities.

Feng Clan Members

  1. Feng Yunlong - The leader of the clan and father of Feng Yu.
  2. Feng Junling - The former most powerful prodigy of the Feng Clan, brother to Feng Yunlong, uncle to Feng Yu.
  3. Feng Xingyu - The idlest and yet most violent of all in the Feng Clan, graceful yet, strong, aunty to Feng Yu.
  4. Elder Duan / Feng Duan - Cousin to Feng Yunlong's Father
  5. Elder Chen / Feng Chen - Cousin to Feng Yunlong's Father
  6. The Crimson Masked Man - ???

Feng Clan Artifacts

  1. Void Disk - A treasure used to soar in the air.
  2. Feng Mansion - A mansion that can fly and act like a fortress for large scale wars.